If you have an urge for Italian food, for Italian wine and pastries, for the Italian culture as a whole, you have two options. You can buy a ticket and fly to Italy, to the Liguria in the north, or the Apulia in the south, or – if you are from The Bronx or from Jersey – to Sicily, to get the right Soprano vibes.

Or you can visit Mazzaro´s in the north of St Pete. And we can assure you, it is a lot cheaper. Of course, this is provided you don´t fall for all temptations in this place. Because we can assure you, in the state of Florida, you can´t get closer to Italy than here.

Probably there isn´t any olive oil in the world, they don´t have on their shelves. The same goes for all type of spices, related to the Italian kitchen. And the quality of the meat beats most competitors! And their wine caller is of the size of a mid-size old world church (which also goes for the wall material). And their pastries are to die for…


But this is not just an Italian food shop. They have a wide range of pre-cooked food as well – most of them with the Italian type of flavors. And you buy from the counter as take-outs, or you go to their covered terrace and eat it on site. And as this is not a restaurant, you don´t have to pay any tips (would you believe it…).

But one advice: this is a very popular place, so pick the right time to go there, else you will get stuck among all these other customers, visiting for the same reason as you. Either early in the morning, or after PM 02.00. when there is room for you to move around.

In the adjacent block, Mazzaro´s also have their cook shop. Here you can find everything for your kitchen you didn´t know you needed… Well worth a visit too.

Florida as it used to be…