Renting your car

If you are used to rent a car in the US, you can stop reading here. You know the tricks of the trade. If  not, we may have some information for you. Because renting a car in the US is usually rather cheap – provided you avoid some obstacles in the process.

You have all types of actors in this trade – like in the rest of the world. Of course, you understand you should not sign up with any of these unknown, dead-cheap renters. That will usually end up in a very expensive final deal or problems with the vehicle. But even with the more well-known renters you may end up in a contract which is a lot more expensive than was suggested from the beginning. We are not suggesting that these renters are dishonest or unreliable, but they are salesmen. They are professionals in convincing you in a very polite and convincing way that for your best you should add this or that insurance on top of what you have agreed on. There is a way to avoid all this talk and anxiety.

RENTALCARS are located in Birmingham, England. They don´t rent cars; they are an intermediary of car renters. This means they act as a broker, as if the car rental business was the stock market, they find the best price for your car at that very moment. This means the car you sign up for may come from any of the big and well renowned renters, like Hertz, Dollar,  Avis, National,  Budget, Alamo, or  Thrifty. This also means that the price they are offering you is valid for a limited time only, as the rental market moves up and down all the time, just like the stock market. And when you call them or mail them, you will be answered in your own language!

Another thing, they know exactly what insurances you need, that is all included in the price they present you. And when you arrive to your destination, show up with your voucher at the counter for the rental company in question, it is all set and done, no further discussions. And they – the renter – know that. End of discussion, before it actually even started… Period.

RENTALCARS mediate 7.000.000. cars from 47.000. representation offices in 167 different countries every year. And in 40 different languages. We are confident; they could help you too…

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